Lekki murder: Man who killed his lover was allegedly insane, how he almost killed another girl


CHRIS Ndukwe, the man who murdered Olamide Alli, his lover, and mother of two children, was a mental case and a killer and must have committed heinous murder in that condition contrary to the much-touted story linking it to infidelity.

According to a different narrative posted on the Facebook user, who claimed to have got it direct from the deceased family it was a premeditated murder from a killer who had attempted it before on another lady but did not succeed.

The fresh revelation, says that the 39-year-old actually escaped from Port-Harcourt were to kill his former lover by throwing her down a two storey building some years back only that the victim of the attack was fortunate enough to survive the fall.

While she was shipped away to Canada by her family, he was said to have moved on where she met and lured his latest victim, Olamide, lying to her that it was love at first sight, which she lapped up and gave in.

It was her second year in school that the affair started, the account continued, adding that the hot affair produced the first child while she was still in school and a second after she graduated, without formally getting married.

It was at this stage that the parents suggested that they formally got married since they were in love and after one thing led to the other a wedding was fixed for next month, without anyone suspecting the danger ahead.

Olamide, who is said to live with her parents, was said to have accepted the lover’s invitation to come over and visit with the kids and made the trip with her nanny, not her sister as was earlier reported.

However, instead of the fun, the visit was supposed to bring, it was a death that lay in wait, as the lover had earlier on Sunday sent his security man 10 am to get him tape which he did oblivious of the purpose it was to serve.

That evening the suspected killer who was reportedly highly-decked in alcohol, after downing a bottle of Hennessy XO, was said to have invited the would-be wife to join him in his room, which was apparently the final stage of the macabre episode.

Thereafter, he was said to have put on very loud music, ostensibly in a bid to drown any other sound that might emanate from the room, while he performed the act, and then went ahead to bind the lady to a chair and taped her mouth.

Thereafter, he reportedly used a plier to remove her braids one after the other, then he plucked her eyes out, stabbed her 11 times which obviously led to her death, then drank two bottles of sniper to end his own life.

Apparently getting worried that her madam’s long stay or there was a need to speak to her, the nanny was said to have gone knocking on the door and after several knocks, without a response, she went to call on their neighbor who alerted the estate security.

It was after the security at the estate equally met no response after also knocking that they invited the Mobile police in the estate, who came to break the door, only to be assaulted with the gory spectacle inside the room

Ndukwe, whose name was given as Femi reportedly moved into that house three weeks ago as he was planning to settle down with the victim, according to the narrative, which said that to set the records straight a paternity test was being carried out by her parents on the said children.

Even though they said children are said to be carbon-copies of the said Ndukwe the parents of the lady who are reportedly still bent to set the records straight, had contacted the lover’s family, who are on their way from Enugu to Lagos. – Whirlwindnews

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