Crocodiles kill Indonesian mineworker


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A mineworker who had a habit of feeding crocodiles was killed by the reptiles on Indonesia’s Belitung island, an official said on Monday.

Juperi Ahmad, 53, went missing on Friday while manning a sluice gate in a lake at the mining site in Dendang district, said Danu Wahyudi, the head of the local search and rescue agency.

His mutilated body was found the next day, he said.

“Locals told us that he often fed crocodiles there,’’ Danu said.

A co-worker said the victim often scolded him for chasing crocodiles away.

“He will say that we should feed them so they wouldn’t disturb us.

“He often fed them dogs,’’ the colleague was quoted as saying by (dpa/NAN)

– June 21, 2021 @ 12:04 GMT |

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