Cult leader arrested in Congo, 8 killed in police operation

Gilbert Kankonde

The leader of a cult in Congo has been arrested in a police operation during which at least eight people were killed, Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Gilbert Kankonde said.

Kankonde said that 35 others were injured and 203 people arrested during the raid at the residence of Ne Mwanda N’semi in the capital Kinshasa adding that eight police officers were seriously injured.

The senior minister said that N’semi, who was accused of rebellion, an attack on internal state security and incitement to hatred, was arrested by the police on Friday.

N’semi is the leader of Bundu dia Kongo, a religious cult and political movement that is predominantly active in the south-western province of Kongo Central.

Its aim is to re-establish the pre-colonial Kongo Kingdom, which spans parts of Congo as well as Congo-Brazzaville, Angola and Gabon.

Nsemi was already arrested and later imprisoned in 2017, before being freed by his followers in a spectacular escape.(dpa/NAN)

– Apr. 25, 2020 @ 19:08 GMT |

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