Current Government has done a lot to improve worker’s welfare says Anambra HOS


THE current government under Gov. Willie Obiano has done a lot more than previous governments to improve the state worker’s welfare.

The Anambra State Head of Service, Harry Uduh, said this during the “Meet The Media’’, a weekly interactive session, created by members of the governor’s media team to evaluate activities of government.

Uduh said that Gov Obiano at inception of administration felt saddened by the meagre earnings of the state workforce and then ordered an upward review of their salaries.

“The governor was not prompted by anyone to do so. He acted without any pressures by labour or any agitation by the workers.

“He ordered an increase across board by 15 percent,’’ Udu said.

“The salary increase became effective from January 1, 2015, even though there were, then, concerns over the huge wage bill.

“But the Gov. Obiano kept his promise and the new salary structure was fully effected.

“That was a miracle of sorts,’’ declared Uduh noting, “it was difficult to believe, especially when the governor had to accommodate no fewer than 5,800 workers that was added by his immediate past predecessor into the new salary structure’’.

“In fact, the new employees earned their first salaries under Gov. Obiano administration,’’ he said emphatically.

Uduh noted that Gov. Obiano has never failed, even once in paying workers’ salaries promptly to date.

“Rather he has made it a duty that every worker receives their salaries alert on the 25th day of every month.

“This is why workers in Anambra gave him the sobriquet – `Alert Governor’.

“Added to this, Gov Obiano pays leave allowances to workers and gives them gifts during festive seasons,’’ Uduh said.

“He ensures that every worker goes home with a bag of rice every Christmas season,’’ he added.

According to him, what is more, Anambra State is among the first set of states in the federation to implement the new minimum wage structure.

“This is why there’s harmony between the government of Anambra and labour, along with the workers.

“Currently, there’s no worker in Anambra state that earns below the established minimum wage of N30, 000,’’ he said.

– Oct. 7, 2020 @ 17:54 GMT /


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