Disc Jockeys calls for more recognition in the entertainment industry


THE Professional Disc Jockeys Association of Nigeria (PDJAN) on Friday called for more recognition in the entertainment industry.

Mr Onyenegecha Isaac (Dj MarSs), media officer of the association told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the association contributes more to the entertainment industry than the current accolades.

He said that being a Disc Jockey goes beyond playing a music as there are other technicalities which gives more live to a music and the gathering which it’s being played.

“We are the heart of entertainment industry, without Deejays, no form of entertainment will make sense just that we are behind the scene like the cameramen.

“Without the deejays, no artist song will make sense or meaning to you in a dance floor, we deejays manipulate the songs artistically because deejaying is an art.

“Playing a song originally the way it’s being sang, may be very boring.

“The deejays plays a song with his own professional touches or discretion to suit the mood at every point in time as the event progresses.

“We effect the songs making it more interesting, we pitch the songs to its best dance able tempo for our guests to enjoy. You can never get the best of a song at its normal recorded tempo at an event,” he said.

Isaac added that Deejays also make input in songs production and help in marketing a list and upcoming artistes by strategically imposing their songs on the listeners’ ears.

“A Deejay knows a good song, tells most artist where to improve on and how to go about their career sometimes.

“The Deejays promote artistes’ songs via association and constant playing till it becomes an anthem to everyone. Consciously or unconsciously, you start liking and singing along.

“Deejays support upcoming artist along in most events to showcase their talent pending when their break through comes.” he added.

Isaac said that the association would be signing artistes towards the end of the year while some would be linked with record labels. (NAN)

– May 22, 2020 @ 13:15 GMT |

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