Easter: Eminent Lagos Lawyers urge Nigerians to be steadfast, keep faith

Dele Adesina

Eminent Lawyers in Lagos have urged Nigerians to be steadfast and keep faith in the risen Jesus Christ, with the hope that the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the world would soon become a thing of the past.

The lawyers, who encouraged Nigerians in their various Easter messages on Sunday, prayed that the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, bring forth good tidings to the whole world.

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Deacon Dele Adesina, in his Easter message said: “Today is an occasion to celebrate the resurrection power of God which was demonstrated by raising Jesus Christ from the dead and the defeat of Satan.

“Let us be joyful in spite of the fear and situation around us; joy is not in things, It is in us and the truth is that whatever represents the hands of evil in our nation, including the scourge of Coronavirus shall be defeated.

“It is my prayer that throughout this season and beyond, the peace of God which is the forerunner of the God of Peace shall abide with every one of us,” he said.

The Chairman of the Lagos Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Mr Yemi Akangbe, said: “As Christians all over the world complete lent reflection around the ultimate sacrifice on Good Friday and rejoice at the resurrection today, I wish every Christians in our branch and all of the NBA, a Happy Easter.

“We will continue to focus on service to members of the Branch and to do all things to promote the welfare of our members and to do all within our power to advocate for policies that would aid and increase the level of social mobility,” he said.

On his part, a former Chairman of the NBA Lagos Branch, Mr Alex Muoka, said: “Yet again, the season is upon us when we commemorate the victory of our Lord Jesus Christ over sin, death and all the challenges that hold humanity back.

“Sadly, this year’s Easter ‘celebration’ coincides with an inglorious period when the entire human race is confronted with the scourge of the COVID -19 pandemic, a “huge stone”.

“For the first time in recent history, our airspaces, roads, offices, manufacturing plants, mosques, churches and courts are shut down in virtually in every country across the globe.

“The whole of humanity is held back by this huge stone and fighting for survival! Justice, law and order, and the very practice of our noble profession (like all other sectors) are severely threatened.’’

Muoka added: “For Christians, it is easy to compare this present darkness with the period of the trial, crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ.

“As we mourned His crucifixion and death on Good Friday, we must remember that we mourned ‘not as people without hope, but with the assurance of the coming of the redemptive hour this wonderful Easter Sunday.”

On his part, the Chairman of the Ikorodu branch of the NBA, Mr Bayo Akinlade, said that though Easter represents a lot to Nigerians, its constant theme is the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

“Although it’s a holiday where families come together to eat and drink, the real value of Easter spiritually, is the forgiveness of sin and the ultimate sacrifice made to make us righteous in the sight of God.

“In NBA, what are we sacrificing for one another? What have we contributed to the growth of the legal profession? What real sacrifices have we made to ensure that we represent a profession that protects the rights of the poor and the needy?

“Let us all remember that we are the product of Jesus’ sacrifice,” he said.

A Constitutional lawyer, Mr Seun Aka, said:“We are happy to be counted among the living and even in good health in this perilous times.

“Indeed no Easter has been celebrated in this manner and circumstances that we found ourselves today owing to the pestilence ravaging the world.

“But in all things, we give thanks to almighty God for sparing our lives when death tolls is being counted all over the world.

“I beseech us to imbibe the teachings of this celebration as exemplified by Christ for it is indeed, a time for sober reflection, a time we need to call on God to heal our land and I pray this will come in no distant time. I strongly believe that this perilous phase shall pass,” he said. (NAN)

– Apr. 12, 2020 @ 12:12 GMT |

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