Ebubeagu and negotiating peace

Ebubeagu and negotiating peace
By Ment Nomeh
IS it true that it’s frolicking times or you would hold it, it’s time for serious business?  The aura of the time excites history, historical sobriety. Sure, it’s time for caution.
Be careful in this country, Nigeria, if you think that the splendor of life is worth your take.
Historians are still many in the phasing generation. And they tell the new generation stories from their history notes.
Perhaps, it seems, very few cares even as they open their ears, mouth, and eyes in wonder. It may not be surprising.
It is a belief that flickers. It’s always like that. In 1967, we had less than 18 months to write our qualifying Examination, to begin life. It never. We ended in the jungle, like our President Muhamnadu Buhari, was once quoted to say ‘…I trekked  from Gakem to the swamps of Bayelsa…..’
The lure of Eastern Command – Biafra – and the bigotry of nationalism, ‘ to keep Nigeria one…’
Mixed grill.  A lure of Eastern Command? Not really. A response to the brutal killing of the Easterners in the North. Genocide.
Our anger overshot and overwhelmed the historians’ and parent’s caution. War. Won but lost magnanimously. No wild smarting!
Again, the call is here again as if war is a tea party. It isn’t! Reminder of yesterday! But those who harvest the benefits of war are already warring, branding peace messages as hate speeches and the peacemakers as seditious gangs. But time is now not to deny what is necessary and more enduring.
Humility has limits. See what the warmongers are up to, in spite of the calls to play the game within rules. And see the reactions of true Nigerians.
We insist that we have the right to live because the contract we negotiated with APC isn’t a good deal. The renewed ethnic compassion is the reaffirmation of a threat against the rest of us to live in peace, even in poverty.
The Amotekun. And now, the Ebubeagu, the aura of LION. There are the South-south and Middle Belt Coalition already. Across the oppressed zones there are sporadic pockets of ‘kebash’. Conquer and reaffirmation. And the radical north is not preaching but asking all southerners to go home.
Are there homes down South? And the Southerners can’t abandon their estates in the North. Another hovering holocaust!
The point is that negotiating our unity doesn’t mean rebellion. It is living friendly in peace. We hail the Soùth-east Governors and the aura of the Lion, Ebubeagu.

– Apr. 19, 2021 @ 15:42 GMT

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