Economy: Lawyer seeks government intervention on roads

Economy: Lawyer seeks government intervention on roads
An Ilorin based legal practitioner, Mr Abdullahi Yusuf, has called for urgent government intervention on good road network to boost Nigeria’s economy.
Yusuf made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ilorin on Friday.
The legal practitioner urged government at all levels to fix the bad roads.
He said Nigeria lacked good road network which hinders movement of goods and resources to the markets.
According to him, Nigeria depend largely on road transportation and deserve urgent attention to ease movement and improve the country’s economy.
“Nigeria road network is too bad. We rely mainly on road transportation but it is frustrating and limit market flow in the country.
“The economy will not grow without good roads. There is need to fix the roads to allow free flow and access to markets.
“Farmers are becoming frustrated when they cannot move their farm produce to markets. They spend huge amount to move their produce to their market targets. It is discouraging and frustrating.
“Government must wake up. There is no way we can talk about development without good roads. Fix Nigeria roads and witness rapid economic growth,” he said.
The lawyer also advised Nigeria leaders to prioritise transportation and invest in the sector.
He added that good roads will not only boost the nation’s economy but would safe lives of Nigerians.
“Government must help invest on bad roads in the country to safe lives. Many innocent Nigerians are dying everyday. Abandoning Nigerian roads is suicidal,” he said. (NAN)
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