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EDUCATION is the bedrock of development in any country. With sound educational institutions and infrastructure, a country is as good as made. The institutions will turn out an all rounded manpower to continue with the development of the society driven by well thought out ideas, policies, programmes and projects. Education in Nigeria before the civil war used to be the envy of many people. Then foreign students flocked to Nigerian universities. Many Nigerians did not rush to go outside the country to gain education unlike what obtains now when many students troop out to study.

But the glorious past of our educational institutions at all levels has been replaced by a system where confusion has become the other of the day. From primary, secondary to tertiary education the story of rot is unrivalled. The teacher education is also not left out in the decay. The result is that half-baked students are being produced. Most of the university products in the country now are unemployable. The problem very much lies with the inconsistency in education policies. The policy summersault is usually driven by several panels set up by government to recommend measures to enhance the quality of education in the country. The problem is not so much with the recommendations of the various panels but their poor implementation by those entrusted to do so.

Consequently, the education sector in the country is very much in a coma requiring urgent actions to breathe live into the system before it completely dies. The editorial team of Realnews is very much concerned over the decay in the education sector. As we celebrate our independence anniversary, we thought it wise to draw your attention to the decay and to propel government at all levels into action to rescue our education and, as well to help build a better Nigeria in which future generation will be proud of. This week we are serving you with our first segmented special independence anniversary issue entitled: Nigeria’s Education in Comatose. It is a must read for everybody who is interested in lifting the Nigerian education system from the current doldrums to greater heights. We would also like to use this opportunity to apologise to our readers, advertisers and partners for the technical problem which we experienced on Friday, September 27, 2013, which made it impossible for you to log on to our website. The reason is that our website was compromised by someone in London where we registered our domain name. We are happy to let you know that you can now have access to Realnews Magazine website via www.realnewsmagazine.net instead of the previous address: www.realnewsmagazine.net. Enjoy our special package. Happy independence anniversary to all Nigerians both at home and in the diaspora.

Maureen Chigbo

mechigbo@yahoo.com  |  mechigbo@realnewsmagazine.net

— Oct. 7, 2013 @ 01:00 GMT

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