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IT WAS not an unexpected development in the ever changing political landscape in the country. Nigerians have long read the handwriting on the wall and knew that sooner or later members of the so-called new PDP will jump ship and join the opposition party in their quest to wrestle political power from the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan come 2015. What most people did not expect was the diatribe from the camp of the members of the new PDP when they finally made the bold move to join the All Progressives Congress, APC. While some people were shocked at the voices of dissent with some members reneging on a collective decision to move over to the APC others were shocked that the APC could accommodate members of the party that its leaders have all along been deriding for incompetence in moving the country forward.

APC’s acceptance of the rebellious governors shows that politics in the country is not guided by any ideology but mostly on the principle of preserving one’s political interest even if it means living in cahoot with the devil from the enemy camp. What really surprised Nigerians is that the rebellious camp of the members of the new PDP is not speaking with one voice as was expected. The diatribe from the members of the camp on joining or not joining the APC makes it obvious that they are not operating on any known political principle except to move to where they think that their interest will be well served. This belief is strengthened by the memorandum of understanding the new PDP members signed making it possible for them to be in control of the political structures of APC in their respective states, having been denied that in the PDP.

However, with the recent development, it does appear that the political firmament of the country is changing not in terms of ideology but in the fact that the country now has two dominant political parties which are ever ready to shuffle members at the slightest provocation. What the development portends is that the political parties do not essentially have what it takes to rescue the country from its socio-economic and political woes. This is what prompted an exhaustive debate at the editorial board of Realnews. We also noted the current development that the country is gradually evolving into a two-party system which will be beneficial to Nigeria’s democracy. In our cover story this week entitled: The Big Political Shake-up Olu Ojewale, our general editor, analysed the pros and cons of the unfolding development. Enjoy it.

Maureen Chigbo

Email: mechigbo@yahoo.com  |  mechigbo@realnewsmagazine.net

— Dec. 9, 2013 @ 01:00 GMT

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