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THIS is a season of politics. That is why where two or three are gathered now, the discussion centres primarily on politics. On the road side, in buses, cars, bars, salon, offices, school, mosque and church premises, the drum beat is politics. Teachers talk politics, Clerics lace their sermons with politics. Free readers gathered around newspapers stand hotly debate politics and same for drinkers in a bar. It is to be expected. After all, the general election in the country is mid-February. And the presidential election for the first time will be keenly contested between President Goodluck Jonathan of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party and General Muhammadu Buhari, candidate of the All Progressives Congress and former head of state. The stakes are high and that is why politicians on both sides do not want anybody to rock their politics boat. It explains why political statements from certain leaders are taken very seriously because of the impact (real or imagined) it could have on electorates.

This must be the reason the statement made by Ejike Mbaka, a catholic cleric, has been generating a lot of controversy since December 31, when he pointedly criticised President Goodluck Jonathan over poor infrastructural development in the South East, a region that has supported his government unflinchingly. Some catholic clergy have even called on the Bishop of Enugu to sanction Mbaka over his political speeches even though some catholic knights have also defended him. Catholic priest are supposed to be apolitical without supporting any candidate at least not overtly. But this is not the lot of Mbaka, a reverend father of the Catholic Church in Enugu, who has in the past had cause to speak against Governor Okorocha of Imo State and former Governor Chimaroke Nnamani of Enugu State.

This is not the first time Mbaka has been in the eye of a storm thus prompting Realnews magazine to find out what exactly makes the reverend father thick. Our findings are chronicled in the cover story for this week entitled: The Other Side of Father Mbaka: His Business Empire, Miracles. It was written by Maureen Chigbo, editor, Realnews. Your will love this story which gives exclusive information about Mbaka, his many businesses, ministry and his many controversies. Enjoy it. Have a great week.

Maureen Chigbo


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