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NIGERIA is in a state of war. If you are in doubt, do consult the Geneva Convention to have it cleared. The Geneva Convention Common Article 3 relating to Non-International Armed Conflict states that “the certain minimum rules of war apply to armed conflicts that are not of an international character, but that are contained within the boundaries of a single country. The applicability of this article rests on the interpretation of the term armed conflict. For example, it would apply to conflicts between the government and rebel forces, or between two rebel forces, or to other conflicts that have all the characteristics of war but that are carried out within the confines of a single country. A handful of individuals attacking a police station would not be considered an armed conflict subject to this article, but only subject to the laws of the country in question.”  

Going by this, Nigeria is at war with the Boko Haram insurgents, which has conquered some territories in the country. Of recent, Nigerian soldiers have reconquered most of the territories, since Chad, Cameroun and Niger also joined the war efforts to stop the terrorist which also poses a threat to them. However, the war in Nigeria has been on for more than six years but gained momentum last year and has become an election issue.

Since the war intensified, what had been less visible, is the roles world powers are playing to either contain or stretch the war to wear Nigeria out. When it became obvious that there was more to the war than meets the eye especially with the pronouncement of some foreign powers, Realnews editorial team took interest and embarked on several weeks of investigation into why Nigeria’s traditional allies like America and Britain are not supporting the country’s war efforts instead they seemed more happy at throwing orders like when President Barack Obama of the US told Nigeria to abide by the ceasefire with the terrorists in 2014. The ceasefire which was brokered by Saudi Arabia, a close ally of America, turned out to be a hoax with the fight escalating shortly after, leading to more territories being conquered by the terrorists in Adamawa and Borno states. Consequently, thousands of Nigerians were internally displaced.

In the course of our investigation, Realnews found out that the war in Nigerian is beyond what people could readily see. World powers are involved in the fight purely for their own selfish gain especially as the 2015 general elections approach. The details of the political and socio-economic reasons they are fighting to control the country are chronicled in the cover story for this week entitled: Forces Against Nigeria: The America, Britain, Russia, China Connection. Written by Maureen Chigbo, editor, the story is very interesting and thought provoking. Please turn to the pages.

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