Australia awards 20 Nigerians scholarships



TWENTY successful applicants from Nigeria have received scholarships in diverse fields within the agriculture, extractives, and public policy sectors as part of professionals selected and awarded from 15 African countries to study at master’s level in Australia.

The successful awardees will be mobilising to undertake their studies at various Australian universities from January 2018.

A statement by Hope Ayabina, the public affairs officer of the High Commission of Australia in Abuja, announced this Thursday, November 3.

According to the statement, the Australian government recognises that education has a central role in development. Through the creation of a skilled workforce and influencing individual behaviours, values and attitudes, higher education contributes to the formulation of highly educated individuals who are socially engaged and can develop their countries.

It said: “The Australia Awards Scholarships offer an effective and efficient model supporting a range of strategic foreign policy, economic diplomacy and development objectives across priority sectors. The scholarships form an integral part of Australia’s development program and help to build critical skills and knowledge. In preparation for the Awardees living and studying in Australia, the government will host a two-day workshop and a reception for the scholarship recipients in Nigeria. Awardees will also discuss the development projects that they hope to implement once they return home.”

Paul Lehmann, the Australian high commissioner, will address recipients at a reception at the high commissioners’ residence.

Staff from the Australian High Commission in Abuja and government officials from Nigeria are also expected to be in attendance. The participation of Nigerian officials reflects the valuable bilateral partnership at national government level.

“The award recipients demonstrate the leadership potential necessary to advance development in Africa. Through the Australia Awards, they will have access to world-class training and support that enables them to contribute to sustainable development in their workplaces and communities. We are delighted to nurture and facilitate the Awardees’ talent and expertise through our program, so that they can make an important contribution to their countries’ inclusive growth and development, in the future,” Lehmann said.

Women and persons with disability are strongly encouraged to apply for the Australia Awards. Mechanisms are in place to support the participation of applicants and Awardees requiring assistance. The latest application round for Australia awards scholarships and short courses is currently open until December 15, 2017 and January 15, 2018, respectively.


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