Election: Losers still learning to accept loss in Nigeria – Activist


THE National Chairman of the Pan Ndi-Igbo Foundation, a US-based political group, Dr. Acho Orabuchi says losers in political elections in Nigeria are still learning how to magnanimously accept the loss.

Orabuchi made this remarks in a telephone interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) from his Dallas, the U.S. on Wednesday.

He, therefore, advised losers to work together with the winner for the common good of the society.

“In a democracy, philosophies, and principles inherent in party politics are always in contention during elections.

“At the end of the contest, the opposition would prefer its candidate at the helm directing the affairs of the state,’’ he told NAN.

According to the American-trained educator cum political activist, politics is both the science and art of possibilities.

“Also, it is a contact and rugged activity. Thus, despair is often a veneer for ignorant of the knowledge of politics.’’

He said that with the ascendance of distinguished Sen. Hope Uzodimma, as the governor of Imo, some members of the opposition resisted, but to no avail.

“However, I strongly believe that the majority of people will move beyond the circumstance and commit fully to making Imo great under the leadership of Uzodimma.

“I am hopeful that he will transcend the politics of bitterness and unnecessary division to achieve economic gains for the masses,’’ he said.

He noted that Gov. Uzodimma had shown that in a culture of corruption, a good few men and women still abound.

“So far, the governor has adequately shown that in a culture of corruption, a good few men and women abound.

“That’s a promise we would hold dearly and I am a firm believer of the politics of ideology.’’

He commended the governor for his effort to treat the global pandemic seriously, saying that the state has managed the spread of COVID-19 very well. (NAN)

– Aug. 12, 2020 @ 11.55 GMT |

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