EEDC Rolls Out Pre-Paid Meters in South East

Pre-paid meters


IN fulfilment of its promises to meter its customers, the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company, EEDC, has started to roll out tamper-proofed pre-paid smart meters in the South East. Eugene Anionwo, head communications of EEDC, who disclosed this in Enugu, said the move was to curb revenue losses and checkmate customers tampering with electric meters in the region.

He said the company will install new tamper-proof-pre-paid-smart meters on pole tops with a customer interface unit in customers’ premises to check customers tampering with the meters. He said the new EEDC’s Credited Advance Payment for Metering Implementation, CAPMI, programme would include two types of meters, depending on the customer’s class.

Anionwo noted that the price for the meters ranges from N39, 375 to N68, 901. He also said that customers who wished to advance money to EEDC for their CAPMI meters would receive a discount on their bills. The discount, he said, would be spread for 36 months, stressing that the opportunity would enable them recover their money at 12 percent interest rate per annum.

“EEDC is pleased to announce that, with our new tariff approved by NERC and beginning in February 2016, we have decided to eliminate all fixed charges to our customers. The new tariff takes into account the elimination of these fixed charges, as we will now be bill for energy only. “At the same time, we are introducing our CAPMI programme, which will allow our customers to obtain their meters now and no longer wait for meters to be received.

“This CAPMI programme gives EEDC’s customers the option of advancing funds to EEDC for the purchase and installation of their meters within 45 days. EEDC’s customers that choose not to advance funds for their meters under CAPMI will be metered during our larger comprehensive metering programme. Any funds received will be reimbursed with interest as credits against energy bills,” he said.

Anionwo advised EEDC’s customers that wished to participate in CAPMI to visit its district offices to complete Form 74 and obtain further details. He said that after completing the form, EEDC would survey the customer’s premises to confirm the type of meter such customer would need to pay for. “EEDC is dedicated to improving the supply of electricity to its esteemed customers, ending estimated bills, and addressing all service problems.”

— Feb 8, 2016 @ 01:00 GMT


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