Ibadan Disco achieves 365 Days Safety Milestone


THE Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company, IBEDC, has achieved a milestone of 365 days of zero Lost Time Injury, LTI, translating to 1.6 million safe man-hours. The Disco said the company lost no time to injury involving its staff in 365 days.

Lost Time Incident or Injury, LTI, is a measure of injury or incident that occurs on a job that is capable of preventing a worker from performing or continuing with his or her task resulting in downtime in the operation. It is an oil and gas industry benchmark that evaluates adherence to safety and environmental requirements during operations.

The IBEDC, in a statement by Angela Olanrewaju, its head, branding and Corporate Communications, said the safety achievement is a big milestone in the power sector considering the level of risks involved in the day-to-day activities and the extent of free access to electrical installations. “The power sector by nature is fraught with high-level hazard and occupational risk. To achieve a year with no lost time injury is definitely a milestone to recognise,” it said.

The company is determined to put safety at the forefront of all its operations as its mission was to attain the vision zero incident by 2020. According to the statement, the major milestone was achieved due mainly to the emphasis placed on safety within IBEDC, which has formed part of its core strategic business goals consistently for over three years.

This also includes extensive customer education, sensitisation on safety and huge investment on safety gear and equipment for staff. “To ensure we continue to keep safety as a culture as we work toward the International Standard Certification, which specifies requirements for an Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Management System, Ibadan Disco has obtained the services of an accredited environmental consultancy firm.”

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