NEMSA to prosecute DisCos Who Deploy Substandard Equipment


The Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency will prosecute or fine any electricity distribution companies which uses substandard equipment



THE Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency, NEMSA, will punish any electricity distribution company, Disco, that uses substandard equipment. Peter Ewesor, chief executive officer, NEMSA, said the sanction ranged from a fine of at least N500,000 to prosecution.

Ewesor said the decision to impose sanctions on the firms was borne out of the need to make them comply with their rules and regulations. In an  press interview said the agency had warned the Discos against using substandard materials and equipment, adding that non-compliance would attract punishment.

He said the agency has directed the power firms to disconnect buildings on the Right of Ways, ROW, of power lines because of the hazards. He said the agency had issued an enforcement order to power firms and their contractors on the use of substandard electrical equipment.

Ewesor said the directive issued between June 2017 and last December led to the disconnection of 1,205 buildings across the country, adding the measures were being taken to restore sanity in the sector. Apart from undertaking responsibility in ensuring that customers get standard meters, the agency has also inspected poles manufacturing firms.

NEMSA has inspected the 71 concrete poles manufacturing firms and certified 31. Forty firms were not given the green light, but were asked to correct certain areas and re-apply. According to him, NEMSA is insisting that new electrical networks and installations were inspected, tested and certified for use to reduce the dangers in using such facilities.

The agency stopped Discos and contractors from undertaking substandard and bad construction practices in the power and allied sectors to improve the use of quality and danger prevention equipment, adding that lives and properties are in danger of being lost to fire when substandard electrical equipment are used.

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