TCN, AFD to finalise power transmission expansion agreement

Power plant
Power plant

THE Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN, and the French Development Agency are set to finalise an agreement for the expansion of power transmission lines across the country. The AFD is a public financial institution that implements policies defined by the French Government and works to fight poverty and promote sustainable development in various countries.

It was gathered that agreement between the TCN and the French would see to the expansion of transmission lines that would move electricity across several states in Nigeria. Usman Mohammed, managing director, TCN, said the agreement was part of the Transmission Rehabilitation and Expansion Programme of the TCN.

“We are still implementing the Transmission Rehabilitation and Expansion Programme and in that respect, we are about to finalise an agreement with the AFD to do the eastern backbone. This eastern backbone is a transmission line that we are building, which is going to take electricity from Calabar to Ikom, then to Ogoja down to Kashambilla and back to Kano.

“That line is going to provide flexibility and support to the North-East, because currently, the region gets supply only from a single socket line that runs from Jos to Bauchi,” he said.

Mohammed said the transmission line would connect other locations in the Niger Delta region, adding that Nigeria would be able to link other parts of Africa through the line. “The line will provide power to northern Cross River where there is no transmission interface. It will also provide flexibility to the supply of power to Kano and will enable us to connect to the Central African Power Pool. So these are the objectives of that line.”

According to him, the TCN was working to fund about 50 percent of the project. “Now we are working and through the savings that we have made, we are trying to see that we provide 50 percent of that funding, while the balance will come from the AFD. These are some of the things we are doing to move the TCN to become one of the best transmission companies globally,” he said.

– Apr. 24, 2020 @ 17:09 GMT |

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