We’ll withdraw services from hostile communities – Ikeja Electric


IKEJA Electric Plc will promptly withdraw its services from communities that prove too hostile to operate in. The electricity distribution company, Disco, said recent rising spate of assault on its field staff will not be allowed.

The Disco, in a statement, expressed its commitment to the welfare, safety and overall wellbeing of its workforce. “While we understand that issues surrounding electricity services can be emotive, we maintain that wanton attacks on our staff are completely irrational, unnecessary and unproductive,” it said.

The power firm has provided multiple channels through which customers could lodge formal complaints with respect to service or bills. “Where responses from these channels are deemed unsatisfactory, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission has also set up a robust forum office for the redress of customer complaints.

“For avoidance of doubt, we have escalated the recent attacks, which went viral, to the appropriate authorities and we are currently exploring every legal channel available to us to ensure the offenders (some of who are currently on the run) are brought to book.”

Ikeja Electric said it would not allow its employees to suffer intimidation, assault and other bodily harm or threat from anyone “who hides under various smokescreens for the unwarranted attack of its staff.”

The company will continue to engage all stakeholders in flashpoint areas to find ways to amicably resolve all pertinent issues of concern to its customers and communities. “However, where these attacks persist, Ikeja Electric, in line with her obligation to provide service under a conducive atmosphere to its customers, will continue to escalate such matters to law enforcement agencies and will promptly withdraw its services from communities and customers that prove too hostile to operate in.

“We, therefore, urge all stakeholders, community leaders, leaders of youth groups and all persons of interest to remain mindful of these matters and adopt a more civil approach to engagements as all parties are deserving of reciprocal respect and regard as espoused by all laws. While there may be concerns and disputes arising from time to time, we remain committed to finding long-lasting peaceful resolutions in the equitable interests of all parties.”

– Feb. 22, 2019 @ 14:47 GMT |

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