Curator urges FG to revive national museums

National Museum
National Museum

RAPHAEL James, a private Curator, on Wednesday urged the Federal Government to revive all national museums across the country to attract local and international tourists.

James told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in an interview in Lagos that most museums operated by the Federal Government were in dilapidated and deplorable conditions.

He said that museums were the first point of call for every international tourist visiting any nation and those wishing to know about its culture and tradition.

“Presently, none of these museums represent the nation well enough to make tourists crave for consistent visit.

“Our museums are not in good condition, the last time I visited the one in Lagos, I discovered there were licking roofs which could make water damage some of the artefacts during raining season.

“The museum is not spacious enough to accommodate many visitors at once; I understand that schools go there on excursion.

“This is the state of the Lagos office and I know those of the other states are worse.

“Our museums house precious cultural materials which should be kept in the most conducive and attractive environment capable of wooing tourists,” he said.

James urged the management of National Commission for Museums and Monuments (NCMM) to update its collections for tourist’s proper evaluation of the past and the present.

He said that some sections of the galleries ought to be totally replaced or refreshed with up-to-date materials so that visitors will be well enlightened.

He said “The museum only has profile of the twelve Nigerian governors in the then military era, but should have been updated to include state governors and their profiles from then till date.

“Some of the vital information lacking in the museum were: Biography of prominent Nigerians from different fields, speeches of late Heads of State, West African currencies, rich photo collections and more.

“This information is very important because we will want to make reference to them, likewise the younger generation.

“As a private curator, I have most of this information in my museum because of the significance of history for the projection of the future.

“Every aspect of our history should not be toyed with and we should have rich photo collections of past leaders, people who have contributed to the development of the nation at different fields of endeavour.

“I have no fewer than 32,000 photographs of prominent Nigerians and important individuals who have contributed to the development of this nation although the national museum do not have as much as that,” he said.

He reiterated that government had a huge role to play in ensuring the nation’s museums were in their best state and well-equipped.



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