Megaloh Thrills Crowd at Live Concert‎ in Nigeria



By Anayo Ezugwu  |  Oct 3, 2016 @ 01:00 GMT  |

SATURDAY night of September 17, is a day many lovers of rap music who saw him perform great hits will always remember with nostalgia. It was also a home coming outing to be remembered by Uchenna Van Capelleveen, German rapper with stage name Megaloh, when he performed in Lagos, Nigeria. It is the first time Megaloh brought his German-Nigerian music to the country.

He thrilled the audience with his genre of music and received impressive ovation even though the language of the music was in a foreign language. Megaloh also acknowledged the language barrier but spoke to the crowd in English saying, even if he raps in German but they should enjoy it because the language of music is universal.

Indeed, those who attended the concert flowed with the music as some swayed to the rythm many nodded approval while others danced, while chilled can drinks flowed from the drums‎ nearby to make the night worthwhile.

The drinks were provided by the Gothe Institute, Lagos, which organised the event which held at the rooftop of City Hall, Lagos Island. The ambience of the venue and the dark clear blue night calmed the nerves of the audience who were out to have a good time which was laced with other performances by other Nigerian musicians, who also added to the pleasures of the night, crooning familiar music along with old generation music by late Fela Anikulapo Kuti. But the greatest music of the ‎night was that of Megaloh who most people there had come to see.

Megaloh, who was born in Germany to Nigerian parents, is already an acclaimed name within the German hip-hop circle.

Although hip-hop isn’t a mainstream genre in Germany, he has been able to record impressive success that has gotten him mainstream attention. The Berlin-based rapper brings hope for a new era in German hip-hop and has inspired many upcoming musicians in Germany. His album “Endlich Unendlich” (2013) already entered the Top 10 charts in German album. But with his last album “Regenmacher”, he lived up to huge expectations and went directly to number two on the German charts. He does not only know how to tell stories, but translate them into instantly electrifying music.

While growing up as an artiste, Megaloh continued to think about his roots in Nigeria as well as monitor, from a distance, its music industry, and at some point, he created the track ‘oyoyo’ as an ode to Nigeria.

Seeing the incredible growth of hip-hop music in Nigeria, the artist resolved to initiate his integration into the country’s music circle. As his career advanced, Megaloh took the bold step to bring his music back to his roots and although it is impossible to pre-determine how this would go, he has gone ahead to start a new chapter in his life.

Everyone who has seen Megaloh perform becomes a fan immediately. His unmistakable stage presence, the connection between audience and artist, his powerful being is what many are trying to be but only a few like Megaloh really achieve it.


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