Children’s Day: COVID-19 unites families as children get adequate parental attention


SOME parents in Enugu on Wednesday said the sit-at-home order to contain the spread of COVID-19 pandemic has given families opportunity for togetherness as children get attention they deserve from parents.

Speaking with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in separate interviews in Enugu, some families said that closeness and ties had returned in their homes.

They added that it was due to less cosmopolitan lifestyle as a result of the lockdown order.

Mrs Uju Okoye, a mother of three, said that the sit-at-home order had united her family more than ever before.

Okoye said that her husband’s evening outings suddenly stopped due to fear of contracting the virus.

“Staying together always and engaging in recreational activities within the confines of our home have returned back the closeness, bonding and ties, which disappeared from the family long ago,” she said.

Mr James Ibe, a father of two, said that he had been supporting his wife to shop for the family since the lockdown began.

“Since the lockdown I have been supporting my wife in various home activities by helping to go to market to buy foodstuffs and focusing on the items on our scale of preference,” Ibe said.

Mrs Josephine Agujiobi, a mother of six, expressed joy over her husband’s attention to their children’s studies while at home following the sit-at-home order.

“My husband now stays at home with our children and this has made him to pay greater attention to their studies.

“Through the recently introduced e-learning schemes, he made it a priority to provide all the required materials like functioning phones with data and guides the children on how to go about their studies to achieve success,” Agujiobi said.

Another parent, Mrs Chinwe Egwu, said that the sit-at-home order had helped her to teach her children how to cook native delicacies.

She stated that it was difficult to do so before since she worked far from home.

“As a civil servant working in another city outside Enugu, I hardly find time to put my children through on how to cook.

“But, I thank God for the sit-at-home order, at least I am teaching them and they are gradually picking up,” Egwu said.


– May 27, 2020 @ 16:45 GMT /

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