Expert tasks landscape architects on appropriate horticultural practice

Climate change
Climate change

AN Environmental expert, Mr. Amos Alao, has cautioned landscape architects on the need for planting the right trees and flowers in a building structure to prevent structural defects.

Alao, an architect and a climate change enthusiast, made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Lagos.

He said that lack of knowledge on horticultural best practices on the part of most landscape architects had resulted in a lot of structural defect in buildings across the country.

Alao said this was what prompted him to publish a literature on “Plant Photo Book for Greenhorns” to educate the public on impact of inappropriate planting trees or flowers in most building structures.

“Knowing the characteristics of plant helps you to know where best to plant, so as not to cause an environmental disaster, and in recent times structural defects in buildings.

“The size of the crown of most trees is the size of its root under the ground and if planted too close to a building may likely cause structural defects with the extension of its roots.

“So, if a tree is planted less than three meters from the foundation of a building, there is a likelihood of the roots growing to break the foundation footing of a building.

“The plants begin to cause cracks on the walls and even fences; a lot of Nigerian roads are also grossly affected by wrongly planted trees and flowers.

“Wrong tree selection and cultivation along most highways in the country have caused a lot of roads and drainage collapse,” the expert said.

Alao said that with the establishment of Landscape Architecture Departments, there was need for a literature that would be a valuable tool for Landscape Architects and other professionals in the building environment.

He said: “Landscape Architecture is the art and science of creating outdoor spaces for sustainable habitation and human enjoyment.

“Knowing the name of a plant helps you research better on the benefits and importance of the plant online.

“Some plants and flowers are pungent and are not good for children with respiratory diseases like asthma, and also the colours of most plants impact the mood of individuals.

“Plants and flowers also reduce the effect of global warming and climate change.

“They reduce the impact of air pollution and gives out fresh air, thereby reducing artificial cooling gadgets in spaces.

“The major component of Landscape Architecture is ‘Green’ and what the profession is concerned about is preserving nature and creating macro-climatic conditions that are habitable for human and animal comfort,” Alao said. (NAN)

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