NGO cautions residents over bush burning in Kaduna

Bush burning
Bush burning

An NGO, Safety Awareness and Environmental Support Initiative (SEASI), has warned residents in Kaduna State against bush burning during harmattan to avert fire outbreak.

The Controller-General of SEASI, Mohammed Yahaya, gave the warning in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday.

He said that the call became necessary because of the current harmattan and dry season experienced in the country.

Yahaya warned that residents and landowners needed to be careful while using fire and to remember it was their responsibility to control it.

“When you make fire in the farm, watch and monitor it closely to avert spread, which has the tendency of destroying farms and produce.

“I strongly warn that people should be mindful of the way and manner they preserve their cattle.

“People should desist from keeping hay at the roof top, be it at home or in the farm, because it can be a major cause of fire, especially during the harmattan.”

The controller also called on security men to be cautious of night fires used to warm themselves in the bush, saying it could be disastrous if not properly managed.

“Extinguish the fire you made to warm yourselves or to cook and make sure the extinguished fire did not rekindle before you leave the place.”

He said that the current conditions were a timely reminder for residents to ensure that they had completed and practiced the emergency fire survival plan to protect their families and property when threatened by fire.

He urged residents of the state to continue to co-habit in harmony while being vigilant and to be security conscious of their environment.

“Everyone should be using this time to prepare their property, which include switching off electrical appliances, clearing gutters and removing fuel from around homes.’’ (NAN)

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