ERP Myths & Truths

ERP Myths & Truths

…dispelling misconceptions about Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

INCREASING geopolitical tensions and supply chain shocks have pushed executives to adopt and implement digital solutions like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology to minimise disruptions and maintain business continuity. However, adoption and implementation can have a wide range of outcomes, which has led to many misconceptions, truths and myths around this business software.

To truly maximise the benefits of any ERP system, it is crucial to have the right expectations, which is why SYSPRO and Frost & Sullivan have released ERP Myths & Truths Dispelling Misconceptions About Enterprise Resource Planning Systems research paper to address the myths surrounding ERP systems and uncover the truth about this software.

ERP systems generate vast amounts of data which, if integrated and utilised effectively, can become one of the organisation’s biggest assets. This could include optimisation of supply chains, customer profiling and other business process insights. The research paper addresses 16 common myths that occur along the four lifecycle phases of ERP systems, including:

1. Decision making

2. Selection

3. Implementation

4. Managing

Whether you are considering buying your first ERP system, switching providers, or looking to maximise your existing investment, this research paper uncovers the real truths around these innovative and essential systems.