EU Commission ‘highly concerned’ about mass fish deaths in Oder river

European Commission
European Commission

THE European Commission is pressing for results in investigating what led to the death of around 100 tonnes of fish in the Oder River, in Germany.

The commission spokesperson, Tim McPhie, said on Thursday that establishing the cause and taking the most appropriate measures downstream is of utmost importance and urgent.

“The commission is highly concerned about the environmental disaster,’’ McPhie added.

The spokesperson said the EU executive arm welcomed the establishment of a joint German-Polish expert group and is prepared to send its experts to work with the group.

“The sooner we can identify the cause of this ecological disaster, the sooner we can start to manage and limit the further consequences for nature, for fisheries, for agriculture and recreation,’’ McPhie said.

The cause of the environmental disaster is still unknown.

The Polish government said on Tuesday evening that no toxic substances that could have caused the mass fish deaths were dictated so far.

Initial laboratory results evaluated by the Brandenburg State Environmental Agency could not determine a cause either. (dpa/NAN)