Europe power industry tenders dips 32% in Q3 2019


Europe power industry tenders activity in Q3 2019 saw 202 tenders announced, marking a drop of 32% over the last four-quarter average of 296, according to GlobalData’s power database.

Europe power industry tenders in Q3 2019: Poland leads activity

Looking at tenders by country, Poland led the activity in Q3 2019 with 75 tenders and a share of 37.1%, up 3.1% over the previous quarter and down 31% when compared with the last four-quarter average, followed by Germany with 14 tenders and a share of 6.9% and Russian Federation with nine tenders and a share of 4.5% during the quarter.

Looking at the last four-quarter average, Poland held the top spot with 109 tenders, followed by Germany with 20 and Russian Federation with 15 tenders.

Thermal is top technology area for tenders in Q3 2019

Looking at tenders divided by the type of technology, thermal accounted for the largest proportion with 31 tenders and a 39.2% share, followed by solar with 18 tenders and a 22.8% share and wind with 15 tenders and a 19% share.

Looking at power industry tenders divided by segment as tracked by GlobalData, T&D Equipment was the most popular segment in Europe power tenders activity during Q3 2019, with 75 tenders, followed by T&D Project (54) and Generation Equipment (35).

The proportion of tenders by category tracked by GlobalData in the quarter was as follows: Supply & Erection: 100 tenders and a 49.5 percent share; project Implementation: 53 tenders and a 26.2 percent share;Repair, Maintenance, Upgrade and Others: 29 tenders and a 14.4percent share; Electricity Supply: nine tenders and a 4.5 percent share; consulting & Similar Services: eight tenders and a 4% share and power purchase agreement: three tenders and a 1.5 percent share.

The top issuers of tenders for the quarter in terms of power capacity involved in Europe were: Urzad Regulacji Energetyki (Poland): 2,500MW from one tender; Energinet Eltransmission (Denmark): 1,000MW from one tender and the Regulatory Authority for Energy (Greece): 512.56MW capacity from two tenders.

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