Advanced Well Integrity along WIF Guidelines

Well Integrity


Date: 13 – 16 March 2016, Abu Dhabi


The Class teaches the process behind the full Well Integrity Management System (WIM), from the onset in the Field Development plan, through its design, construction, production to final abandonment of the asset at the end of its life.

Using this curriculum gives the Operator externally verified and certified staff.

Several case studies (amongst others Macondo and Montara blowout) are used in the Class to learn from past mistakes.

The Class contains breakout session whereby a real case incident on WIM topics are to be solved followed by presentation to the Class. The final exam contains all topics of a WIM process and has a pass mark of 75%.


Benefits of Attending:

  • Discuss and teach completion design topics to create an “integer” well with lowest life cycle maintenance cost from a WIM prospective
  • Get familiarise with concepts and principles of Well Integrity Management system and identify roles and responsibility in the organization
  • Analyse well integrity failure modes, its effects and mitigating actions
  • Determine management system to follow up the well integrity issues emerging from tests in the field
  • Explore different techniques to prevent internal and external well integrity issues like corrosion
  • Develop preventive maintenance strategies to manage the well integrity issues


Who should Attend:

Personnel directly responsible and or involved in Well Integrity are to have the recommended training.

  • Well Integrity team members
  • NOC Well Integrity enforcing Authorities
  • Senior Production operation personnel OIM, production managers, Field coordinators
  • Drilling/completion/intervention engineers
  • Service-company Sr field engineers and operators with delegated responsibilities in well integrity

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