Posthumous Award for Adadevoh

Late Stella Adadevoh

Leadership Watch, a non-governmental organisation has honoured late Stella Ameyo Adadevoh with a post humous award and others for their bravery in checking the spread of Ebola Virus Disease in the country by the courageous manner they treated Patrick Sawyer, the index patient

| By Fidelia Salami | Dec. 15, 2014 @ 01:00 GMT |

LATE Stella Ameyo Adadevoh, medical doctor, and senior consultant at the First Consultant Hospital may have died treating Patrick Sawyer, the index patient from Liberia who brought Ebola Virus Disease, EVD, into the country but her courageous effort still rings a bell. Adadevoh, a prefoessional per excellence, who diagonised Sawyers and prevented him from leaving the hospital to check further spread of the disease in Nigeria, has been given a posthumous award for her sacrificial commitment to duty, even though she is dead.

Leadership Watch, a non-governmental organisation honoured her with the award. She was not the only one to bag an award from the organisation which was in various categories. Onyebuchi Chukwu, former minister of health was conferred with the prestigious Excellence in Leadership Award. The federal ministry of health and First Consultant Medical Centre shared the same award in corporate category whereas Jide Idris, Lagos State Commissioner for Health, was honored in individual category.

The First Consultant Hospital, which was the first port of call for Sawyer was honoured for the patriotic and professional manner they handled the case. Other key actors who helped to mitigate the spread of Ebola Virus Disease in the country were given special Award. Some others were appreciated for their effort in their different roles in stopping the spread of Ebola Virus in Nigeria.

Other Nigerians and corporate bodies who displayed rare courage and professional competence in arresting the spread of Ebola Virus Disease in Nigeria in an effort to promote leadership role models in our society got awards at the ceremony which held on December 5, in Lagos, under the distinguished chairmanship of Tunji Oyebanji, chairman/Chief executive officer, Mobil Oil Producing Nigeria.

According to Martins P. Iwuanyanwu, President, Leadership Watch, while speaking on behalf of the Governing Council, said, “the awards being conferred on the Honorees are in recognition of the resilience, professionalism and commitment to duty which became their hallmark in their various responsibilities as government functionaries and as professionals. Nigerians and indeed the entire world are elated by the courage and dexterity with which they managed and contained the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in Nigeria”. Iwuanyanwu also said that all the honorees accepted to be so honoured by the group and indicated willingness to grace the occasion.

Leadership Watch, established in 1999 by Martins P. Iwuanyanwu, a strategic thinker and leadership specialist, has a mission to influence and hold leaders accountable to the people, build their capacity and that of up-coming leaders to engender role models in all spheres of the society for public benefit.


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