Fidelity Bank Encourages Bonding Among Staff



FIDELITY Bank Plc has held a fitness exercise for its staff members across the country to enhance productivity and bonding among its workforce recently. Nnamdi Okonkwo, managing director, Fidelity Bank, who led the exercise in Lagos, said it was also part of efforts to encourage socialisation among members of staff.

“If you are not fit, you cannot be productive and you cannot go about your task and responsibilities. It is important these days because every day you hear people drop off. So, if you do keep fit and you are healthy, you stand a better chance to be more productive than somebody that does not keep fit at all.

“You know we work hard, so we also like to play hard because it is not every time we would be taking deposits and giving loans. We take off time once in a while to keep fit and make sure that our work force remains healthy. But more importantly, it is an opportunity to bond among staffs,” he said.

According to Okonkwo, the exercise took place simultaneously across the bank’s regional offices nationwide, adding that it was to bridge the gap between top executives of the banks and other categories of staff. “That is why we encourage open communication among everybody. How do you get to know people if you don’t socialise? The more we interact and get to know each other, the more you begin to see fellow colleagues as human beings and not as officers. Of course, we don’t subscribe that people should be disrespected, but you must show leadership and also improve our level of socialisation.”

— Jun 11, 2015 @ 11:40 GMT


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