Finnish Prime Minister on the defensive over party video

Prime Minister Sanna Marin

FINNISH Prime Minister Sanna Marin on Thursday reacted to the leak of a video showing her dancing and partying, defending her right to enjoy her free time.

“These are private images that were not intended to be made public,’’ 36-year-old Marin told Finnish newspaper Iltalehti, also expressing her disappointment that the images were leaked.

At the same time, she added, “I have nothing to hide and did nothing illegal.’’ While she drank alcohol at the party, she said she did not take drugs.

Together with some of her celebrity friends, Marin had partied in a private home before visiting two bars.

She emphasised her right to spend her free time in the same way others her age do, telling broadcaster Yle that she hopes people accept this and that “we live in a democracy’’.

Marin has drawn attention in the past for attending rock festivals and partying in nightclubs.

While many young people in Finland are proud of their prime minister’s wild side, the video has also drawn criticism from people who consider her behaviour unbecoming. (dpa/NAN)