Flood submerges Coscharis Rice Farm at Anaku


Coscharis Rice Farm, one of the major rice farms in Anambra State, has been submerged by flooding. Even the road leading to the farm has also been rendered inaccessible.

A drone was rented in order to assess the extent of damage; and from observation about 1,500 hectares of the rice farm has been submerged by the raging floodwaters.

Nkem Okeke, Anambra State deputy governor, who, on the governor’s directive, inspected the extent of damage, sympathised with the management of the farm over the incalculable losses.

He described the situation as `extensive’. “I presume, judging from the topography of the farm that the company must have taken precautionary measures in insuring the farm against such losses and emergencies.

“I just hope that the incident will minimally affect this year’s rice production.

“Already, the governor has resolved to ensure that enough rice is produced in the state for consumption and export to other parts of the nation.

“But when the need arises, government will help,’’ Okeke said.

Afam Mbanefo, the commissioner for Agriculture,  explained that the state usually based its rice projection in line with the production from core rice investors in the state including Coscharis Farms.

“I have anticipated a decrease in this year’s projection as a result of the flood disaster.

“But I promise more preventive measures against the re-occurrence of flooding on this farmland.

“There is need for two cycles of rice planting here to enable the company to meet its annual rice target,’’ Mbanefo said.

Shepherd Hurudza, farm operation manager, said he appreciated the state government’s concerns over the company

“The estimated damage on the farm has yet to be determined as the flooding keeps spreading,’’ he said.

– Sept. 24, 2018 @ 16:35 GMT |

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