Focusing on achievements creates incomplete narrative says Group

Mon, May 20, 2024
By editor


A leading Pro-Democracy group, Kwara Must Change, has urged heads of Ministries, Agencies and Departments, MDA, that may be releasing their MDAs achievement during the year to list their accomplishments along with the existing challenges within their ministries.

Kwara Must Change said that, feeding the public with their achievements without telling them about the existing challenges would amount to half information.

In a statement by the Convener of Kwara Must Change, Abdulrazaq Hamzat, the group said that the government should continue to deploy better means of engaging the public and providing broader information that may assist the public make informed input would be a great service to the people.

According to Hamzat, “in some weeks, the current administration will clock one year in office and as the usual practice, each of the Ministries, Agencies and Departments, MDA, through their heads will reel out achievements in office within the year and this has been a part of our culture. However, when listing achievements for this year, it is also important to list challenges existing within the MDAs that need to be addressed, so that both achievements and challenges are looked at a single issue, rather than limiting the years achievement to just the accomplishments. 

According to Hamzat, focusing on the accomplishments is half information, it limits understanding of the broader picture and there is need to set a better standard.

He explained that, it is essential to present a comprehensive picture by highlighting both achievements and challenges. 

This approach, according to him, provides a more accurate and nuanced understanding of the MDA’s progress and the sector’s status. 

“By acknowledging existing challenges, the administration demonstrates accountability, transparency and a commitment to continuous improvement,” he said.

Hamzat also maintained that, focusing solely on achievements can create an incomplete narrative, potentially misleading the public and obscuring areas that require attention and resources.

By contrast, presenting a balanced view of accomplishments and challenges encourages a more informed public discourse, facilitates a more accurate assessment of progress, identifies areas requiring additional support and investment, promotes a culture of transparency and accountability and enables more effective planning and resource allocation.

He concluded by urging the heads of the MDA to incorporate challenges with this year’s accomplishment reporting.

“Let’s set a better standard that will foster a more informed and engaged citizenry, driving progress and improvement in governance,” he added.


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