Ex-Conservative PM, Major urges voters to oppose Johnson’s Brexit

John Major
John Major

FORMER Conservative Prime Minister John Major on Friday urged British voters to oppose current Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan.

Major will declare his support for three prominent, pro-EU independent candidates in next week’s snap election, who all left the Conservatives over its Brexit policy, the London Evening Standard and other media reported.

“Vote for the candidate who you believe will best represent your own views and aspirations in parliament,” the newspaper quoted Major as saying in a recorded speech to be broadcast at a “Final Say” rally for a new Brexit referendum.

Former Labour prime minister Tony Blair and former Conservative deputy premier Michael Heseltine are scheduled to address the rally in London.

Major appealed to younger voters not to allow their “future to be shaped by others.

“You – every single one of you – can make a difference to the election result. Your vote is absolutely crucial,” he said.

David Gauke, one of the three former Conservatives endorsed by Major, said he was “delighted to have (his) support.”

“He represents the best traditions of the Conservative party and, in South West Hertfordshire, he would vote for me,” Gauke tweeted.

The BBC quoted Johnson as saying Major’s comments were “wrong” and his views were “outdated”.

Johnson has pledged to withdraw Britain from the European Union on Jan. 31 if, as expected, he secures a majority in parliament following Thursday’s election. He has ruled out a second referendum on Brexit. (dpa/NAN)

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