National Disability Prevention Day to focus on birth defects prevention


China Disabled Persons’ Federation (CDPF), on Tuesday, announced that this year’s National Disability Prevention Day campaign will focus on promoting good prenatal and postnatal care to prevent birth defects.

Jia Yong, a deputy director of the executive council of the CDPF, said the campaign, which falls on Sunday, aims to promote knowledge of prenatal and postnatal care.

Yong said the campaign also focuses on disability prevention as well as rehabilitation and relief policies for disabled children among women of childbearing age, pregnant women and parents.

He asked those concerned to undergo premarital and pre-pregnancy health checks, prenatal screening and diagnosis, and neonatal screening and intervention.

The CDPF also released a book on pre-pregnancy health care compiled by the CDPF and other relevant departments.

It is a national organisation for individuals with disability in China, established in Beijing in March 1988.

It aims to represent and safeguard the rights and interests of disabled people in China.

The three basic functions of the CDPF are to represent the interests of people with disabilities in China and help protect their legitimate rights; to provide them with comprehensive and effective services as well as to supervise affairs relating to people with disabilities.

As of 2016, CDPF has estimated that there are 80 million people with disabilities in China, while only 30 million have registered with the government. (NAN)

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