Germany’s Baerbock says Israel must give up control of Gaza after war

Fri, Mar 29, 2024
By editor


GERMANY’s Foreign Minister,  Annalena Baerbock has said Israel should relinquish control of the Gaza Strip once the war against Hamas is over, when asked who should be in charge there, after the end of the war.

Baerbock said on Friday that the Palestinians, free from Hamas, free from terror, self-determined and with a freely elected government of all Palestinians, including in the West Bank,” should be in charge.

“This will not happen overnight, she said but we must not lose sight of the political horizon, especially now,  during the war.”

Baerbock said  the German government was working with Arab partners to ensure  the two-state solution remained within reach.

This included building a civil infrastructure, reforming the Palestinian Authority, economic reconstruction and a security structure, including security guarantees for Israel and the Palestinians.

“And this includes reminding the Israeli government that the settlement policy not only obstructs a Palestinian state, but also literally obstructs peace.

“Because only the two-state solution can bring lasting peace and security for the people of Israel,” she said.

Baerbock’s comments were prompted by Israel’s controversial announcement to declare around 800 hectares in the West Bank as Israeli state land.

Baerbock said that protection during a transitional period, before two states can live side by side in peace, is only possible with international security guarantees.

Israel must be sure that there would never again be a terrorist threat from Palestine, she said, and Palestinians must be sure that they can live safely and with dignity on their own land.

“This means, of course, that neighbouring Arab countries must be involved, who enjoy trust there.

“ But also close friends of Israel must be involved which is why we Germans, alongside the Americans and the British, are so concerned about the political horizon.” (dpa/NAN)


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