Growing lexicon and the solid players

Ebubeagu and negotiating peace

By Ment Nomeh

WE are now reluctant speaking, even writing, to tell, shout or hail the masters because, as we were told to recite in our Standard One English Class, they are ‘ as deaf as the door-nail’. Since then, my take was that the door-nail is ‘ear-less’, has no ears. So, it has no capacity to listen, how much hearing. Our masters bear this tag.
Don’t mind my illiteracy, then and now, that the lexic is growing, trying to match the new deal in Nigerian towns; north and south.

Yes, the new deal, real business which unpatriotic persons call crime. And we have gone ahead with various names, branding, to deceive and seal the unholy deal. We are being unfair.

Good enough, who listens, who hears or cares. But we know the plot. Those who think that they are in the frontline, warding off salvos directed against the masters, are simply looking for secessionist, rebels, mutineers, vandals.

These are good names for the good boys. Dead deaf as the door nail you may proclaim because the master is proactive.
Things are taking shape. And the baboons are on the prowl glorifying the good boys in the jungle killing and sacking indigenous villagers from ancenstral homes.

Sporadic street fights are on, as well. All bandits. Kidnappers. Unknown gunmen. Terrorists etc. Good names all and good for the nation’s new business. Perhaps they aren’t response to the masters game plan; colonisation. Nigerians, all can’t die in one swoop.

These growing words for the solid players aren’t matching. The words are for the good boys vending breaking news, colonisation, like Lai’s fake news and hate speeches mutineers. They deceive because they have a plot and chose to be as deaf as the door-nails.

The wolves are on the prowl and the children are deployed to do a bad job.

Garba Shehu, one of the master’s concieting fighters, bandies drunken defence, irritating disappointed citizens.
The Nigeria space is filled with invidious wares, wares that are uninviting to any buyer except, of course, the merchants themselves. It’s a bad scenario because, unlike botched merchandise, the glut explodes in public space, as it is now.
Street skirmishes are inching. Very soon, the jungle will explode and bandits, terrorists, kidnappers and the unknown gunmen turn warriors without control.
Deaf masters. Are they? The masters are great dealers. Remember they overran Biafra in 30 gruelling months and hope to drain Nigerians’ blood so quickly today. We doubt.

Let the carnage end so far. Further volleys will be a sad tale in the nation’s history. Frustrated youths, in ethnic and regional columns, are fit for the challenge. It cannot be so.

Let the APC government discourage the urge. Give Nigerians peace. Decentralise Nigeria. Find jobs for Nigerians and disengage the mercenaries from Fulani nations. We have enough to excite good music and happiness here.

– May 2, 2021 @ 6: 58 GMT  /

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