Has Buhari’s Victory Vindicated Mbaka? #Nigeriadecides

Father Camillus Ejike Mbaka


President Jonathan’s failure to win the March 28, presidential election appears to have vindicated Ejike Mbaka, controversial catholic cleric in Enugu, who said in his sermon in December that his re-election spells doom for the Nigeria

By Anayo Ezugwu  |  Apr. 13, 2015 @ 01:00 GMT  |

EJIKE Mbaka, controversial Catholic Church priest, who sparked off a debate in January over the re-electability of President Goodluck Jonathan because of his sermon entitled: “From Goodluck to Badluck” appears to have been vindicated. He said in December 2015 that the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan spells disaster for the country, calling on him to resign quietly. Mbaka’s clarion call came after he had also told Patience Jonathan, wife of the president, in November 2014, that her husband had done well and deserved a second term. He had said Jonathan could have done more if not for “distractions”, clearly alluding to security challenges the administration has grappled with for years while faulting those blaming the president for not rescuing more than 200 schoolgirls abducted from Chibok by Boko Haram militants nine months ago. “Jonathan is not a kidnapper,” Mbaka said. Now that Jonathan lost out in the March 28, presidential election, many people are now interpreting his loss to mean that Mbaka was right after all.

First to publicly thump his chest over Mbaka’s victory in his prophesy is Maximus Ugwuoke, Mbaka’s spokesman, who said the victory of Buhari was a fulfilment of the man of God’s prophecy in the New Year message. He said the ministry was, however, not holding any grudge against anyone who attacked Mbaka or his ministry during the controversy over the prophecy.

“It is with vindictive joy and glory to God that Adoration Ministry, the nation and indeed, the world, saw the fulfilment of Fr Mbaka’s New Year prophesy of change with the miraculous victorious emergence of General Muhammadu Buhari at the March 28, polls as the president-elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We wish to reinstate that before President Jonathan became the president of this country, Fr Mbaka prophesied it in his message entitled: ‘Okolo’. Today, again Buhari’s victory, among other lessons, it portends to Nigerians has once more confirmed to all and sundry that Fr Mbaka is indeed a true prophet of God and that his New Year message was indeed from the oracle of the Holy Spirit as he declared,” he said.

According to Ugwuoke, the controversy and attacks on the ministry after the prophecy were actions orchestrated by some people, who misconstrued Mbaka’s prophetic calling. “The ministry joins the rest of Nigerians to congratulate Muhammadu Buhari as God’s chosen instrument of change to tackle the myriad of problems facing Nigeria and pray God to endow him with the wisdom to go about this onerous task. We see Buhari’s victory as divine victory to all Nigerians irrespective of our religious and ethnic divide.”

Some residents in Enugu, who spoke to Realnews, said the prophecy influenced their voting pattern in Enugu during the March 28, elections. Basil Okagu, manager, Bamaiyi Petroleum limited, in Effium- Ezzangbo road, Ebonyi state, said the prophecy actually influenced him. He said the fact Buhari was able to get more than 14,000 votes in Enugu shows that Mbaka’s prophecy had impact on the people mostly his followers.

“The issue is that the prophecy must have influenced the voting pattern in Enugu, especially his church members and those who believed in him. But the fact is that if you look at the presidential elections result from Enugu, you will see that Buhari got more than 14,000 votes which ordinarily shouldn’t be. Again, take for instance, in the 2011 elections Buhari got less than 5000 votes in Enugu. So this is a clear indication that Fr Mbaka’s prophecy actually influenced the voting pattern,” he said.

Kingsley Azubuike, member of Adoration Ministry, said the emergence of Buhari has put to rest the argument whether Mbaka is a real man of God or not. He believed that most people who voted for Buhari in Enugu are people that believe in Mbaka. “God has put the critics of Mbaka and their supporters to shame. With this victory, Enugu people can now value what they have and celebrate Mbaka as a true prophet of most high,” he said.

— Apr. 13, 2015 @ 01:00 GMT


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