Health Insurance, a success story in Anambra says HOS

GOV. Willie Obiano
GOV. Willie Obiano

THE Anambra State Head of Service, HOS, Harry Udu has said that the Anambra Health Insurance Agency, ASHIA, offers insured health services as a success story.

“ASHIA operation has come as a big relief to the people of Anambra, particularly the civil servants, who did not give the scheme a chance at the outset,’’ Udu said at the “Meet the Media’’ session.

The event is a weekly session created by the Media Aids of the Governor to x-ray developments and achievements of the administration.

“The civil servants were suspicious of the operations of the ASHIA and vehemently opposed the scheme, claiming it had come to draw out the little they earned.

“This rather, propelled Gov. Willie Obiano to proceed, knowing full well that this will be a life-saving project. He urged his men on and today the story has changed as the scheme has become a game changer.

“Some of the civil servants are not sure how it is going to work, but they now have seen that it serves their purpose.

“Some of them are now marveling at the little amount they are asked to pay after treatment as the bill will largely be written off by the scheme.

“It has turned to help them to save a chunk of the salaries of the workers. With just a deduction of N1000 monthly, amounting to N12, 000 annually, one will not have to worry about how to cope with medical bills of themselves and indeed the entire household.

“With the amount, one can access the best health facilities where they have registered. It covers a wide range of ailments, including child-birth, leprosy and tuberculosis.’’

According to him, the deductions are done according to the salary of each enrollee.

The HOS said: “They now know they can visit a proper hospital, get attended to; get drugs as well and pay just 10 percent of the charge.

“This has raised the standard of health of the workers. That is another serious welfare package, because for little or nothing they get good medical care.

“Once you know there is a place to run to when anyone in your house is sick, it gives more confidence or hope,’’ Udu said.

“Another good aspect of the package is now available to other categories of people, including residents of the state, who can now register at centres close to them.’’

– Oct. 12, 2020 @ 18:45 GMT |

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