Mundipharma, Munir Sukhtian Group to Strengthen Consumer Healthcare

Ashraf Allam


MUNDIPHARMA has entered into a long term partnership that provides it with the commercial rights to market Munir Sukhtian Group’s portfolio of HiGeen® treatments in more than 50 countries across the Middle East, Africa

The two companies have a long history of partnership in Jordan where Sukhtian group has been Mundipharma’s distributor for several years. Munir Sukhtian group is a family-owned, diversified Jordanian company. Its HiGeen® range includes best-selling hand sanitizers, HiGeen® Harrar Massage Cream, HiGeen® Barrad Cold Gel, HiGeen® Daffaq Cream, HiGeen® HerboHeal Jaddad Ointment, HiGeen® Fungazi Foot Cream which are marketed in Europe, Asia and Latin America through distributors.

Ashraf Allam, vice president of Mundipharma Middle East and Africa said: “Mundipharma has a proud heritage in the consumer healthcare space and The HiGeen® range complements our current portfolio and fits very well with our growth and expansion strategy. Most importantly, This collaboration for HiGeen® brand products allows us to offer products from prevention to treatment and to realize further contribution to the improvement of the quality of life of patients and customers.”

Deemah Sukhtian, managing director of Munir Sukhtian Group said, “The complementary nature of HiGeen® and Mundipharma’s products will ensure that both companies provide a stronger proposition to patients in the area of wound care and prevention of infectious diseases. We are confident that our alliance, leveraging on Mundipharma’s expertise and global network, will enhance access to our innovative products and further improve the quality of life of patients and customers.”

— Sep 7, 2016 @ 15:58 GMT


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