Nigerians should appreciate medicinal value of cannabis – Don


A Professor of Organic Chemistry, Adebola Oyedeji on Wednesday called on Nigerians to appreciate the medicinal value of a natural plant like cannabis.

The Professor who lectures at the Faculty of Natural Sciences,  Walter Sisulu University, South Africa, made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

Oyedeji said that the use of cannabis or marijuana, for medicinal purposes was deeply rooted through history, dating back to ancient times.

She noted that cannabis which had been classified as an illegal plant, once held a prominent position in the history of medicine, for numerous diseases.

Oyedeji said that cannabis was particularly a good remedy for curing headaches and migraine.

“Through the decades, this plant has taken a fascinating journey from a legal and frequently prescribed status to illegal, driven by political and social factors rather than by science.

The don urged Nigerians to tap into the medicinal benefits of cannabis instead of completely tagging it as an illegal plant.

“Cannabis contains an extensive number of pharmacological and biochemical compounds, of which only a minority is understood. So many potential therapeutic uses likely remain undiscovered.

“Cannabis was initially associated with religion, magic and medicine purposes.

“The use date back to 4000 BCE in Ancient China and it was considered an important analgesic, antidepressant and sedative,’’ Oyedeji said.

She urged the Federal Government to use such plant (cannabis) to make profit.

Oyedeji noted that Lesotho, an African country, was the first to legalise the commercial cultivation of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

She said that now cannabis had become Lesotho’s cash crop, urging Nigerians to also cultivate the plant for economic gain.

Oyedeji said that African cannabis market was expected to reach $7.1 billion (N2.17 trillion) by 2023 of which Lesotho is the leading giant. (NAN)

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