Helicopter surveillance for Yuletide season in Anambra

The Anambra State Government says it has taken steps to ensure a peaceful celebration of this Yuletide season.

Gov. Willie Obiano has adequately equipped and motivated officers and men of the Anambra State Police Command to take charge of the security of the cities and communities.

According to the governor, the police formations will be complemented by a special detachment of the army in assuring safety of all, which started over the past two months.

“And to support the efforts of the gallant security agents, the Nigeria Police Force will deploy a Police helicopter to keep an eye on the skies by providing periodic aerial surveillance security information.

“These efforts are aimed strictly at ensuring that you are safe through the Christmas celebration, right to the New Year,’’ Gov. Obiano said.

A police helicopter will be flying over the airspace of Anambra State, sometimes at low altitude.

“This is in your own interest as it will be a routine mission to seek out security information to the security agencies in the state.

“It will maintain regular surveillance on black spots and hard-to-reach areas of the state in order to identify odd movements and ensure appropriate responses,” the state officials said.

“Just like the Phoenix, we have risen from the ashes of troubled times occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic and the mindless hijack of the peaceful #endsars protest,’’ a top government security source said.

“We have risen from the lockdown, the insane arson and grotesque bloodletting, looting and murder of policemen and citizens alike, to a season of peace, stability and thanksgiving.

“We have redoubled our efforts at upholding the Constitutional responsibility of protecting life and property of Ndi Anambra,’’ the source added.

An expert security source specially engaged for the period, stressed, “this is why we fly, for the safety and peace of Ndi Anambra’’.

He enjoined residents of the state to assist the security agencies by calling a toll free number –112 to report any suspicious movement in your areas.

“Help yourself and your loved ones by remembering and obeying all COVID-19 safety protocols while you celebrate. This is the #Obianoeffect!,’’ he said.

– Dec. 4, 2020 @ 17:05 GMT |

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