Helping Hands 4 You to launch New Worldwide Currency


A new physical currency may be on the horizon through the efforts of the non-profit corporation, Helping Hands 4 You, founded by Terrence Hubbard. The money would be utilized to provide financial assistance to Jewish populations, slave descendants, and weather disaster victims around the globe.

“We want to help multiple groups of people financially worldwide,” said Hubbard.

Issued in traditional denominations of 1,5,10, 20, 50 and 100, Hubbard plans to call the new currency Helpers. Banks that recognize Helpers as legal tender would have the opportunity for their financial institution’s image to be printed on the currency. Ideally, plans call for a banknote manufacturing facility in Detroit, but barring that, printing would be outsourced to a professional banknote manufacturer.

Before printing of the money begins, Helping Hands 4 You is offering two Helpers for every U.S. dollar that a company invests or contributes. After the printing of the Helper begins, from January through November, Helping Hands 4 You will offer investors one Helper plus 10 percent more for each U.S. dollar that’s contributed. Beginning in December, investors will receive a 1-for-1 exchange plus 20 percent more Helpers.

“Within the next 3 to 5 or 10 years, we want our physical currency to be one of the top shared currencies in the world,” said Hubbard. “We want banks around the world to accept the currency and for it to be interchangeable with the top shared currencies in the world.”

Helping Hands 4 You is acutely aware of the problems that exist in the world and Helpers would be used to provide financial assistance of one hundred fifty thousand helpers per person for Jewish populations and descendants of slaves. Victims of weather disasters would receive ten thousand helpers per person.

An estimated 75 million slave descendants and 14 million from Jewish populations would receive funds. The problems associated with weather-related disasters are particularly troubling. In 2017, seven major hurricane and flooding events affected more than 60 million people around the globe that would be eligible for financial assistance through Helper currency.

The ambitious new currency project proposed by Helping Hands 4 You would provide vital financial assistance to select populations that are in distress or have experienced social injustices. It offers banks and other interested investors with the opportunity to be memorialized on the Helper currency and be part of a worldwide movement.

– Sept. 12, 2018 @ 17:49 GMT |

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