Heritage Bank upgrades Mobile App


TO ensure affordable banking among costumers, Heritage Bank Plc has upgraded its HB ‘Padie’ mobile application to HB ‘Padie’ 2.0. The HB ‘Padie’ 2.0 app has new multi-functional features that leverage customers to ease accessibility to funds and improve the standard of living.

The new app is poised to enable customers’ card management in connecting bank accounts with their Debit Cards or account holder information. The banking app targets customers embedded with improved security and self-service features that allow the customers to open accounts from the comfort of their zones.

HB ‘Padie’ 2.0 combines digital transactions and community lifestyle payments that empower customers with the power to build their world and perform digital transactions how they want. The platform possesses numerous benefits, as one of these is an enabler for foreign exchange transfer with speed and convenience.

It enables customers and small business account holders key into an electronic payment, efficient collections, bills payment, mobile virtual top-up, funds transfer, and balance inquiry. Other features are frequent transaction, dashboard flexibility, and personalization, which involve profile management-the HB ‘Padie’ 2.0 can be customized by the user by adding any profile picture of choice, while the customers can retain and delete beneficiaries without having to enter the recipients’ account details.

The HB ‘Padie’ 2.0 platform also allows customers to monitor their spending, as it shows the inflow and outflow of funds on their account. To further improve banking and make access of funds easier, Heritage Bank launched its USSD code *745#.

– Jul. 24, 2020 @ 17:27 GMT |

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