Holdun Family Office wins prestigious award


HOLDUN Family Office, an international, independent 5th generation Multi-Family Office is delighted to accept the Business Vision ‘Best Multi-Family Office (Caribbean) award’ for 2019.

Following on from success in the same category in 2017 and 2018, this latest accolade makes Holdun the first Family Office to receive this award for three consecutive years.

“It is our firm belief that to rightfully claim to be a Multi-Family office, the founding family should be one of the clients. It needs to establish a common vision and a set of values shared by all its clients. Holdun Family Office has managed to achieve this since its creation in 1990 by understanding each family’s goals and visions for the future,” the Business Vision Awards judging panel concluded.

Global CEO Brendan Holt Dunn of Holdun Family Office commented: “Our extensive family history has served us well in managing our client relationships worldwide.”

“Historically low interest rates and unprecedented market volatility has exposed the shortcomings of the classic, balanced portfolio, leaving investors scrambling for alternative diversification options. As a family, we recognized some years ago that traditional fixed income and equity strategies alone were unlikely to deliver acceptable returns.”

Philip Stewart, Chief Development Officer at Holdun Family Office states: “In response to the fundamental market changes of recent years, we developed Funds that offer a broader range of exposure across the risk and illiquidity spectrum. These asset classes, including private equity, venture capital and real estate, have provided greater portfolio diversification, reduced portfolio volatility and higher returns for us, and, more importantly, our clients.”

– May 7, 2020 @ 15:35 GMT |

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