How Buhari ignored my patriotic and well-informed advice in 2015 and Nigerians are paying dearly for it today (Part 2)

MIKE Ozekhome
MIKE Ozekhome



This was part 2 of my Sunday Telegraph write up in my weekly column, “THE NIGERIAN PROJECT”, which was published on the 3RD OF MAY, 2015, well before MuhammaduBuhari assumed office as President of Nigeria. It was published in my series where I had carefully analysed the 2015 Presidential elections and foresaw the dangers ahead. The series were titled, “THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION:THE WINNERS AND LOSERS”. Nigerians, be the judge for yourselves, as regards my 2015 predictions, analysis of the then situation, periscoping in to envisaged problems and challenges after the election; and the many solutions which I had painstakingly proffered. Those who have ears, let them hear from some of us patriots, who may not be in government with ‘them’, nor found in their inner “come – and – chop” circle. This is where they secretly and clandestinely take decisions affecting the individual and collective lives and destinies of 208 million of Nigerians, like witches and wizards gathered in a coven. Now, read on:





“I have in the last five weeks discussed the Presidential election, the winners and the losers, inductees into the Halls of Fame and Shame, the partem and spread of voting that denied GMB a Pan-Nigerian mandate and a  check list of his litany of promises.

Today, in drawing the curtains on this important national discourse, we shall attempt to set  agenda for GMB, drawing up a roadmap for his success in governance. I sincerely hope he listens and learns from history.




“On marble and recorded by Nigerians, during his electioneering campaigns, are the following promises made by Buhari, amongst others:

All graduates will be paid allowances after NYSC until they get jobs.

The exchange rate of the Naira will be 1 Naira to 1 dollar within a year of his presidency.

Chibok girls will immediately be rescued after he has been sworn in.

There will be stability of crude oil price.

There will be no more importation of petroleum products within a year of his presidency, for all refineries will be producing at full capacity.

Free education for all Nigerians from primary school up to secondary school level.

One meal per day for each school pupil.

The end of Boko Haram insurgency within a few weeks of his presidency.

No known corrupt person will be appointed into his government.

Corruption will end in Nigeria.

Petrol will sell for 45 naira per litre, and Kerosene, 30 naira per litre – this was promised by his acolytes.

There will be provision of better and modern trains in Nigeria.

Electricity will be stable 24/7 within a year of his presidency, with a target of 3000 megawatts per annum.

More, more and more.

Nigerians are keeping this check-list for future close scrutiny.




“General, please listen to me, sir: You need to move fast. Very, very fast. Begin to build bridges of understanding, bandage raw wounds, balm bruised egos. Give strong leadership. Set up a Government of National Unity, drawing the best brains from your party, the opposition, the non-partisan, or party card-carrying technocrats of the land and other independent minded Nigerian patriots. You must immediately unify this gravely fractured Nation by setting up a genuine Peace and Reconciliation Committee, to re-align all centripetal and centrifugal forces which threatening to tear apart our weak national enterprise.  You have been given a rare opportunity to show that you are a “born again” democrat (your own words), transmuting from a military dictator, to a democratic president, driven by due process and Rule of Law. Your life can be likened to that of Abraham Lincoln, former American president and the one who spearheaded the abolition of slave trade in 1865. “Lincoln had failed serially in life: lost his wife in 1831, defeated in run for Illinois state Legislature in 1832, failed in business in 1833, lost his sweetheart (Ann Rutledge) in 1835, suffered nervous breakdown in 1836, defeated for Illinois House Speaker in 1846, lost re-nomination in 1848, rejected as Land Officer in 1849, defeated for Senate in 1854, defeated for VP nomination in 1856 and defeated yet again for Senate in 1858. But he was elected President in 1860, and emerged as one of America’s most famous and adored presidents, with his face ever incandescent on America’s $100 bill. Will Buhari turn up as the 4th Nigerian president since 1999, to be another Abraham Lincoln? Only time and his actions will tell.


“However, GMB, you must now quickly separate government and governance from party politics, the structure of government from your APC party structure. You must eschew witch-hunting of perceived enemies, or presumed rabid opponents. You must give room to robust criticians and a virile opposition, to flourish, in the same way GEJ allowed you and your opposition to, not only blossom, but be actually consumed by a level playing political ground that he had carefully prepared for you and your party, APC.

“Remember the crass arrogance of PDP that consumed it. At a time, it curiously embarked on de-registration of members, rather than retaining old members and registering new ones. I had predicted then, that PDP will self-destruct, self immolate and self implode. That is what has just happened. Remember GEJ’s wobbly, fumbling and selfish kitchen cabinet that “imprisoned” and derailed him. Remember Sir, strong public perception that you are surrounded by some of the most crooked and corrupt elements in Nigeria, who have unduly appropriated (misappropriated is better), the people’s wealth.  Some observers have described your position as pathetic as that of “Alibaba and the forty thieves”. I pray not, Sir.



“I heard, during your campaign, when you changed gear and declared that you will no longer probe past cases of corruption, but will only start from May 29, when you are inaugurated. No Sir. That will be making the first fundamental mistake of your government and turn around present public perception about your own person as incorruptible, to one of compromise and abdication of your avowed anti-corruption stance. Let me, in this, borrow from the inexhaustible dictionary of flamboyant and colourful politician, Dr K. O. Mbadiwe, of blessed memory, whose hifalutin and grandiloquent grammar was only equaled and perhaps, surpassed by, that of the one and only “Zik of Africa”: GMB, if you want to kill corruption, rather than allow corruption kill us all, then you must probe all the probeables, investigate all the investigatables, arrest all arrestables, detain all the detainables, jail all the jailables, confiscate from thieving Nigerians, all the confiscateables, get to regurgitate all regurgitables, but exonerate all exoneratables.

“It is only by probing past governments and corrupt persons that the ugly spectre of recidivism and impunity will vanish from our national life, and deterrence fully enthroned and respected. Corruption is now said to be the 37th state in Nigeria, and obviously the wealthiest. GMB, kill it before it consumes us all. Not later, but immediately. Reason? Today is the tomorrow we talked about yesterday.



“One of the greatest achievements of GEJ was braving all odds to set up the National Conference in 2014. The report is ready. Your APC party and its chieftains never bought into this laudable national project that will surely give Nigeria a total rebirth and re-engineering. Surprise your APC handlers by executing the over 600 commendable recommendations of the Confab. If you fail to do so, all your anti-corruption platitudes, attempts at growing the economy and wiping out insecurity will be forlorn, because the Confab report adequately took care of these challenges, how to solve them, and more. Do you hear me, Sir? Please Sir, do it as urgent as yesterday.



“Perhaps, the biggest bane of past governments lies in the humongous cost of governance, where over 75% of our National budget is spent on recurrent, rather than on capital expenditure. You do not need more than the 36 constitutionally prescribed Ministers. To have a lean government, and plug all leakages and wastages, you must drastically reduce, if not totally eliminate, the laughable number of Special Advisers, Senior Special Assistants, Special Assistants, Personal Assistants etc. You must halt all unnecessary foreign trips by Government workers, strengthen the capacity of our hospitals and health institutions to handle health challenges and improve on general infrastructure. You must do something very quickly about education, agriculture, transportation and perhaps, more importantly, the power sector. Get back our Chibok girls and build on the present efforts of Government against terror, which has greatly degraded Boko Haram and its insurgency.

“We cannot continue to operate a “disarticulate economy” (apologies to Claude Ake), where we consume what we don’t produce and produce what we don’t consume. In this wise, refurbish all our refineries as you promised, build new ones and encourage the private sector to be fully involved in this national enterprise.

“The stakes are very high, the hopes and expectations even higher. Most Nigerians are expecting miracles from you. Don’t tell them you are not a miracle worker. They will not buy that. You must be one. That was why they ignored your despotic Military background and decided to give you another chance. Are you going to fail them? Will you be a recluse, or a transparent president? How would you deal with the human hawks and vampires surrounding you? How would you raise money to govern in this austere era of dwindling oil prices? What is your take on FOI, Sharia, OIC, insecurity, anti-gay legislation, National Conference Report, international conspiracy, neo-colonialism, ethnic militias, xenophobic attacks on Nigerians, affirmative action for women where GEJ excelled, etc?

“Remember the proverbial banana peel in Aso Villa? Nigerians are a wonderful set of people that tumultuously shout “Hosanna” today and unanimously scream, “crucify him” tomorrow. They are very impatient. They are not foolish. They are easy to govern, extremely difficult to rule; and nigh impossible to tyrannize. Remember your era of WAI, your draconian, iron fist rule, IBB’s coup, and how Nigerians hailed and welcomed it? That is Nigerians for you. They cherish their freedoms and liberties. So, GMB, beware the “ides of March”. Like the Hausas would say, “Gafiligadoki” (Behold the horse, behold the large plain field…). You now have both the knife and the yam, the stick and the carrot. You cannot ask for more from God and Nigerians. To whom much is given, much is expected.

“Have GMB, VP Professor YemiOsinbajo (PYO) and other kitchen Cabinet members-in-the making, been reading and digesting these five part Presidential election Sunday sermons on the “The Nigerian Project” by Chief Mike Ozekhome, SAN, OFR?



“With proper governance, life will improve for all”. (Benigno Aquino III)
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