How different individuals are coping with corona virus pandemic


By Christabel Ejenike 

THE coronavirus as we know is a life threatening disease that has affected almost all the countries of the world and their economies. The virus was declared a pandemic in March 2020 by the World Health Organization, WHO.

The pandemic has no doubt affected the way we live and has not spared any group of persons, However the impact of the virus on different persons differ and students, teachers, traders, transporters and housewives have taken the pandemic in their strides. For instance, students, who have expressed bitterly on how frustrating the pandemic has been as most of them don’t have anything to do.

They also said that the pandemic was something that was not expected and that they were not ready for it. “It’s so frustrating and has disorgnised everything

I planned for;’’ one student said, But many of the students, who have not found the pandemic easy, have decided to tap into the opportunities created by it to acquire skills and become resourceful.

They have stopped complaining and some of them have resorted to acquiring some IT skills, while others have taken to learning how to make some crafts and engaging in online trading.

The teachers also did not find the experience funny as the lockdown resulted in the closure of schools and institutions of higher learning, leaving them without any source of income.

However, many teachers have resorted to organizing home lessons and others have ventured into trading as a source of livelihood to support themselves financially for the time being.

Some teachers, who cannot afford a place for their business, take their trade to their social media platform, which is not very productive to them.

With the implementation of the lockdown due to the pandemic, businesses were shut down, this affected most traders, especially those that have shops in the markets as that was their sole source of income. Although the lockdown has been partially lifted, the traders still complain that the early closure of markets was affecting their business.

Due to the measures taken to curb the spread of the virus such as social distancing, the transporters have reduced the number of passengers they carry on a seat and this is a source of worry for them.

Although the pandemic has affected most people adversely, they are learning to adapt andmanage the pandemic and their resources since nobody is sure when the virus will go away.

– July 28, 2020 @ 7:31 GMT |

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