How Lagos school adopts handwashing technique to prevent coronavirus – Head teacher

Students washing their hands
Students washing their hands

As Coronavirus continues to spread across nations, Rochester Schools in Lagos on Friday called on Nigerians to be informed and observe recommended precautionary measures to prevent the disease.

Mrs Gloria Nwachi, Head Teacher, Rochester School, told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the spread of the disease to the nation was a wake up call for everyone to be more hygienic and health conscious.

“We weren’t just concerned about the school alone but our community and Nigeria as a whole.

“We invited the school nurse who taught us how to wash our hands properly; we started using hand sanitisers while the wash hand basins were being installed.

“The parents were also educated and encouraged to practise the precautionary measures at home because if any is affected anywhere, it will affect every other person.

“The children know the importance because they were educated before the handwashing commenced; it’s now a lifestyle for them to be more hygienic, not just because of Coronavirus,” she said.

Rochester Head of Schools, Joel Olaniyan, said it was very important for everyone to remain calm and be updated about the disease, so as to know exactly what should be done.

“As part of the sensitisation process, we held a school assembly; we also played videos so the students could see what the virus can cause, the damages and how it can be prevented.

“What the school had put in place as precautions, we also sent home through a newsletter to inform parents on the roles they need to play too,” he said.

Olaniyan noted that children who come to school coughing and sneezing were reassured that they hadn’t been infected because they had been observing the precautionary measures.

“We reinforce the instructions on not coughing or sneezing on their hands and to make sure they cover their noses and their mouths,” he told NAN.

He further urged Nigerians to be calm saying, “the major precaution is to make sure they are hygienic and most importantly if anyone feels any of the symptoms, don’t go to anyone, instead call any of the health lines.”

A student, Favour Iheacho, said hand washing had become a habit for the students because they washed their hands when they come into the school, also before and after eating.

Iheacho, who is also the Senior Prefect of Rochester College said: “I also avoid crowded areas and stay two metres away from a person that is sneezing and coughing.

“In the absence of water, I use hand sanitisers to make sure my hands are clean.”

A parent, Mrs Euphemia Ezimorah, commended the school on its proactive approach in preventing the spread of the virus.

“Before the news went viral, I received a notification from them; they also organised a seminar to sensitise parents about it, through them we got to know the precautionary measures,” she said.

Ezimorah urged parents to put hand sanitisers in school bags for their wards and ensure they always wash their hands. (NAN)

– Mar. 14, 2020 @ 5:35 GMT |

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