Ibadan lost two giants in two months – Tola Adeniyi

Tola Adeniyi
Tola Adeniyi
TOLA Adeniyi, Jagun Oodua and former managing director of Daily Times, has condoled with the Royal Father of Ibadan Kingdom, the Governor of Oyo State, Ibadan citizens in general and of course the Nigerian space for the loss of two titans of Ibadan origin who journeyed forth within a space of two months.
Adeniyi noted that the legal luminary Osuolale Akinjide, 88, was preceded in the journey in the continuum by journalism giant Areoye Oyebola, 84.
“Both Akinjide and Oyebola ran for the governorship of old Oyo state in 1979. While Oyebola ran on the ticket of APP, Akinjide bore the flag of the NPN and both lost to Bola Ige’s UPN, ” he recalled.
According to him, “Akinjide made his mark in politics, becoming federal minister of education at age 27, but made a greater mark in Law which was his primary calling.
“Soft spoken Oyebola made an impressive  mark in journalism as father of investigative journalism but made a greater impact in teaching, economics and authorship his primary love.
“These two losses must be a great pain to the pace setter state of Oyo and to Nigeria at large. We mourn with the families of these great men and pray that the Almighty God accepts their souls.
“It is hoped that the catastrophic Covid-19 pandemic will leave the living so that the departed illustrious sons of the warrior- city of Ibadan are given befitting burial, ” Adeniyi said.
– April 22, 2020 @ 10:56 GMT /
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