Indian passenger plane lands in Pakistan’s Karachi for medical emergency


A flight of India’s private airline, IndiGo, made an emergency landing at the airport in Pakistan’s southern port city of Karachi on Monday.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Pakistan said in a statement that the landing was carried out at the Jinnah International Airport after midnight.

According to the statement, the emergency landing was due to a medical emergency when a 60-year-old Nigerian passenger on board had lost his breath and pulse.

Details of the deceased not yet available.

The pilot requested to turn the flight to Karachi for the treatment of the sick passenger, said the statement, adding that the flight was going from India’s Delhi to Qatar’s Doha.

However, the sick passenger’s life was not saved, according to the statement.

Later after several hours, the flight went back to its actual destination, said the statement.

A total of 163 passengers were on board the IndiGo flight, according to the CAA. (Xinhua/NAN)